Quantstamp (QSP)

Quantstamp is developing a security-audit protocol designed to find vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts by using both automated and crowdsourcing methods.

One of the biggest benefits of blockchain technology is its secure and trustless nature. When Ethereum announced its smart contract technology, the industry exploded into a $180 billion market and though innovators and their investors have benefited greatly, smart contracts have not been without problems. As with anything that is not automated, humans are prone to error e.g. in June, 2016, when $55 million worth of Ethereum was stolen due to a bug in the smart contract and, again, in 2017, when $30 million was stolen due to a one-word error in the contract code. Of course, once a smart contract is deployed to the blockchain, it cannot be changed.

Token Sale: 17 – 25 Nov | Funding Goal: $30m | Token Price: $0.0606

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