What is OTC Trading?

Over-the-Counter (OTC) trading combines access to unmatched market liquidity with complete privacy. It is a decentralized market, where market participants trade with one another, avoiding on-exchange price slippage, order book discovery or liquidity shortages.

Our Service

Tower Rock Research provides access to block size liquidity for high net worth individuals or institutional investors looking to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Our vast network enables us to access a substantial and diversified client base, bridging the gap between traditional financial infrastructure and cryptocurrency markets since 2014.

We pride ourselves on all trades conducted privately, with dedicated Tower Rock account managers providing a full brokerage service from beginning to end, and thus ensuring a high level of privacy.

All trades incur a small transaction fee only upon execution. We benchmark our pricing across major digital asset exchanges and strive to outperform competition.

*Please note our minimum trade size is USD100,000 per ticket, or equivalent, with no maximum.

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