NEON Exchange is a decentralized exchange, offering trusted off-chain trade matching with on-chain security and payment services.

Over $8 billion in daily trade volume has been exchanged this month, with the majority being traded through centralised exchanges. Though the very nature of blockchain technology is decentralised and trustless, investors and cryptographers have been forced to assume added risk by using these central party exchanges, which are vulnerable to internal fraud and hacks such as Mt. Gox, Shapeshift and Bitfinex. To elevate risk from exchanges that operated under one single entity, a number of decentralised exchanges, run through smart contracts, have been in development. These are believed to be the future of cryptocurrency trade and payment, providing stronger security guarantees to end users, since there is no longer a central party which can be hacked, run away with customer funds or be subjected to government regulations.

Token Sale: April | Funding Goal: $25,000,000 | Token Price: $1.00

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