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Academy Token (ACAD)

Academy Token aims to build the world’s first university-accredited school of blockchain education for developers and business executives.

Since Bitcoin’s creation in 2009, interest in its underlying, decentralised blockchain technology grew at a steady rate until 2016, when Ethereum’s smart contract technology allowed new blockchain focused companies to raise capital at an exponential rate. In 2016, $103 million was raised via an ICO but by the end of 2017, $3.7 billion had been raised - a 3000% increase. These numbers reflect the market sentiment of blockchain’s ability to disrupt trillion-dollar industries such as finance, digital storage and identity. The demand of talent which is then needed as a foundation to enable this scale of disruption has grown significantly. Today’s estimates put the number of jobs compared with skilled blockchain developers at 14 to 1, meaning 93% of blockchain developer jobs remain unfilled. Even at the freelance level, UpWork has seen a 2,625% increase in the number of freelancer billings for work relating to the blockchain industry, compared with 2016. Without a supply of qualified blockchain developers, projects that have raised millions will begin to stall and the blockchain ‘revolution’ could come to a halt.

Token Sale: 15 March | Funding Goal: $50,000,000 | Token Price: $1.00/$2.00

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